Top 4 Factors to Help you Choose the Best MOT Test Centre

MOT Test Centre

It seems that your MOT is due in a few weeks or probably you had a terrifying experience of huge repair bills followed by an MOT failure in the past, which has inspired you to choose the right MOT test centre. Regardless of the reason that brought you here, remember finding a right MOT test station is important to avoid getting ripped off by larger bills or become a victim of poor vehicle repair as well as bad customer service.

To make your search easier and faster, here we have compiled top 4 factors you must consider to choose the right Mot test centre for your vehicle.

A Trusted and Authorized MOT Centre

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This is unquestionably the first consideration in selecting the right MOT test centre. An authorized test centre will display a logo of 3 white triangles encircled in a blue background on its website and at the brick-mortar shop. Don’t pick any garage which is not authorized by the local council.

A Reliable Local Garage

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Choosing a reliable auto garage, which is local to your area, draws in many benefits. When compared with main dealers, local and independent auto shops can offer more competitive pricing. The independent garages have vast industry experience and skill-set yet the cut-throat competition made them offer lower labour rates without compromising on the quality of service.

You can either resort to the internet or seek reference from family or friends for a reliable and reputed auto garage in your area. Find a local garage which has minimum decade of experience in offering auto repair and maintenance services at affordable rates. Choose your MOT station carefully so you will not to spend time searching for another MOT centre again. Moreover, if you select a nearby located garage, it will be easier for you to leave your vehicle at the garage for the test and leave for work.

Services and Specialization

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MOT test is performed to ensure roadworthiness of your vehicle. An authorized MOT test centre will perform all checks outlines by the local council such as brake system, tyre alignment, exhaust system and headlight functioning. Besides, the test centre you choose should offer vehicle repair services, which is crucial if your vehicle fails in the test or you want to visit it for regular vehicle maintenance and repair later.

Know what kind of diagnostic, repairs, servicing and bodywork the garage specializes in.  Check if they have good experience and expertise in repairing the particular make and model of vehicle you own. Check if the garage you have selected has specialist tools and latest automated systems to successfully perform challenging vehicle repairs in minimal time.


Compare MOT test fee of your shortlisted test centres. Avoid being inclined to the cheapest deal; chances are it may cost you more later. At the same time, we aren’t recommending you to choose the most expensive centre. Instead find a reliable garage with affordable and clear pricing structure.

In addition to Mot fee, it is wise to check labour charges and previous customer feedback of the garage. In case your vehicle will need repair or maintenance post the MOT test, this approach will help you get your vehicle back on the road with optimal performance quickly and affordable.

On top of these, know about MOT retest, cancellation and reschedule policy of the garage you choose. Want to book your MOT with a professional and authorized auto shop in Walton? We are just a call away!

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