8 Must-Do Checks To Get Your Car Winter Ready

winter car maintenance

Whether you love it or not, it’s time to prepare for winter. Driving your car on icy and wet roads can be especially challenging. You should ensure your battery and heater are in good working order and your windshield and wipers are in good condition. You want to make sure you get the best performance from your vehicle in the harsh winter weather and have a safe, smooth ride on each journey. While there is no way to foresee winter driving challengesRead More…

5 Fluids In Your Car You Must Check – Find Out Why

engine fluids

To enjoy a safe and smooth drive it is important to check car fluids at a regular intervals. As well as keeping your car in good shape, it will also help prevent engine wear, saving you a considerable amount of money and extending the life of the car. Whilst there are many guides on the internet demonstrating how to check car fluids yourself, nothing can compare to the skills and knowledge of an expert mechanic at a professional car repair shop. RegardlessRead More…

7 Widely Believed Myths About Car Maintenance

7 car maintenance myths

Let’s find out the 7 most common and widespread myths about car maintenance. Look out for them after reading this: Misconception-1: Engine Oil Needs To Be Replaced Every 3000 Miles Instead of following this advice about engine oil replacement, you are better off checking the owner’s manual of your vehicle or taking your vehicle to a reliable car repair shop for inspection by an expert mechanic. Usually, cars can drive 7500 miles or more between oil replacements. Furthermore, replacing engine oil moreRead More…

7 Most Common Reasons For Car Breakdown

rsz car breakdown

What could be worse for your summer road trip than having your car breakdown? In this article we have listed 7 of the most common reasons a car might breakdown. Although there is a lot that may go wrong, taking some preventive measures and following some tips can help you avoid breakdowns. Here are Some of the Reasons You May Breakdown: Engine Overheating Overheating  of  your car’s engine may be due to a fault in the car’s cooling system, or that theRead More…

A Complete Guide On Car Tyres

Complete information on car tyres

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Highlighting Facts About Car Air Conditioning

Car air con services benefits

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5 Reasons Not To Delay Your Car Service

Recent studies claim that car owners often cancel their scheduled car service or maintenance check in order to save money. At the same time, another study says that most of the car breakdowns that happen on the road are mostly due to ignorance of car drivers on regular car maintenance. It is therefore pretty clear that you should not overlook the importance of regular car service. Check out the 5 points below that will help you understand why adhering to your carRead More…