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Before Touching The Steering Wheel Prepare Your Car For Frigid Winter Weather

winter services

Cars should be maintained according to different seasons if you want to use them to the fullest. Whenever you get time to try to go through the instructional manual provided by the manufacturer with the car when you buy it. It contains sufficient details on how to maintain the vehicle in its perfect condition for a long time. If you live in such a country wherein you hardly find any concrete difference in the temperature between the summer and winter seasons, youRead More…

Basics about MOT Disciplinary Process You Need to Know

MOT Disciplinary Process

There is an official government body called ‘the case review team (CRT)’ that handles all disciplinary cases filed against authorized examiners (AE) and Nominated Testers (NT). The CRT team also looks into all complaints they receive from individual motorists. They usually resolve small issues or flaws by simply giving some guidance. But if major flaws or problems are found during their investigation, it leads to a more official disciplinary action. If You Are Thinking What Kind of Shortcomings Can Lead to aRead More…

7 Sign That Indicates that Your Car Need Suspension Repair

Auto Repair Suspension

It’s certainly true that ensuring timely servicing and good maintenance to your car have a plenty of benefits. A well-maintained car ensures your safety while driving. It also ensures minimal repair expense, good resale value and comfort ride always. However, there are hundreds of different parts and components in your car that you need to keep eye upon to ensure if they are all in up-to-date condition. And at times, you may struggle to understand what exactly needs to be identified andRead More…

Top 10 Reasons For Car Break Down

car breakdown

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Know Your Legal Rights For Vehicle Repair & Servicing – Part II

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According to the ‘Sale & supply of goods – your consumer rights’, any vehicle repair or servicing bill from £100 to £30,000 paid by credit card to any garage or service centre is protected by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. However, this Act doesn’t cover the payments made through debit cards. Meaning, if you use your debit card to pay for your vehicle service or repair, you will not be eligible for reclaiming the payment from the service provider’s bank. Yet, ifRead More…

Know Your Legal Rights for Vehicle Repair and Servicing – Part I

vehicle repairing services

A vehicle is one of the biggest and most important purchases of your lifetime. Regular servicing and preventive maintenance is a key to extending the worthy service lifespan of your vehicle. While most garages across the country ensure quality repairs and servicing, there are some garages that rip off their customers by charging so high for standard repairs or by doing poor quality repairs. Being aware of your legal rights will help you make an informed decision if in any such problemRead More…

3 Must-Follow Tips to Drive Safe in Wet Weather

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There is no denying the fact that as of now it’s the summer season in UK, however if you have been staying in the UK for a long time now, you must be aware of the fact that even in this season it suddenly starts drizzling sometimes. Driving a vehicle when it’s raining can be really challenging and unsafe if preventive measures are not considered. In this post, we have brought you some useful tips and guidelines for driving safe in wetRead More…

Engine Oil and Your Car – What You Need to Know

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Engine Sludge – What Is It? Have you heard of the term ‘engine sludge’? Well, it refers to that hard substance of contaminated engine oil found at the bottom of the fuel tank. People also call it black sludge and mayonnaise sludge depending on their hardness level. Breakdown and too much contamination are major factors causing sludge. Sludge doesn’t build up over a night. Instead, it builds up over a long timeframe when you skip on oil change and continue driving milesRead More…

10 Classic & Easy-to-follow Tips To Prevent Car Engine Of Major Faults

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It is not until you hear some unusual noises from the engine or find the car isn’t working as it used to earlier that you realize your car engine needs some attention too. Like other car parts, the engine needs inspection and servicing at a regular interval. Preventive maintenance will help you avoid major engine related faults to a great extent and your car will continue running trouble-free all year-round. 10 Tips to Keep Your Car Engine in Up-to-date Condition In thisRead More…

5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips One Must Consider

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Warmer days are here again. It’s the time of the year when you plan long road trips with family and/or friends and wish to create some lifetime memories. But have you make your car summer ready? High temperature can take toll on your vehicle’s condition. However, if given some attention and proper maintenance, you can make summer driving hassle-free. Here are the 5 most important car maintenance tips you need to consider in order to make your four-wheel summer-ready. Read on. ServicingRead More…