Wheel Alignment & Balancing At Best Car Service Station in Walton

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Keeping your vehicle’s wheel balanced and aligned as per the manufacturer’s specifications not just make your drive smoother and safer, but also save you big on repair and fuel expense every year.

At Express of Walton, we offer the best in class wheel alignment as well as wheel balancing services for all makes and models of cars. We cater to both residential and commercial customers throughout surrey.

Though it’s a fact that both wheel alignment and balancing services are needed for a safe and smoother ride on the road, they aren’t the same process.

Wheel Alignment Service

Since 1984, we have been servicing the four-wheel alignment needs of the customers throughout Surrey and its surrounding areas. In wheel alignment service, we adjust the angles of your vehicle’s wheels as per the manufacturer’s specification, so the wheels remain perfectly aligned and head straight instead of going left and right automatically.

Misaligned tyres result in poor performance of vehicle while on the road and cause uneven tread wear in wheels. So, if you want to extend the lifespan of your tyres, four-wheel alignment is a must.

At Express of Walton, we use cutting-edge equipment and machines to check and adjust the angles of wheels, bringing them at sharp 90 degree angle with the ground and at 180 degree angle with each other.

Proper four-wheel alignment also play crucial role in extending the life-cycle of suspension parts. Not to be outdone, aligned wheels make the vehicle use fuel more efficiently and in turn more economically.

Regularly scheduled four-wheel alignment service also protects your vehicle from excessive tyres wear and ensures safe drive. Contact us today to avail our excellent wheel alignment service at the most competitive rates in the town.

Wheel Balancing Service

Are you noting vibrations in the steering wheel of your car while driving it at a specific speed on a highway? If yes, bring in your car at our service station in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

Smudge and imperfections in the rubber, as well as blemished rim or tyre can make the wheel go out of balance; meaning one section of the tyre is heavier than the others. In such case, your tyres can hop or wobble when it rolls down the road and you may notice vibrations in the seats or on the floorboard as well.

Here at Express of Walton, we use most latest computerised equipment to know where wheel weights needs to be applied to the rim. These weights are used to counter-balance the heavy section detected during the wheel balancing process, which in turn ensures your wheels don’t spin with any unwanted vibrations.

Drive in at the Express of Walton Car Service Station to get your wheel alignment or wheel balancing done today.

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