Head Gasket Repair Specialist in Walton On Thames, Surrey

Are You Seeing Any of the Below Problems in Your Car?

  • Coolant level indicator is very low
  • Extremely high engine temperature
  • Vehicle is not running smoothly and the engine might be jolting or stalling
  • Discoloured oil in the engine
  • Light-coloured smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe

Any of these signs can be a result of head gasket failure!

Why Head Gasket Failure Needs Immediate Repair?

Head gasket, as its name suggests, is a gasket located between the cylinder head and the engine block in an internal combustion engine. Its main functionality is to seal the cylinders to ensure highest compression possible and protect cylinders from leakages of coolant or engine oil.

Also, head gasket separates the three liquids from each other in the engine. The head gasket is an extremely critical sealing component of your vehicle’s engine. And thus, any potential problem with a head gasket should be dealt with immediately; else it may result in more severe problems in the engine and increase repair expenses tremendously, if ignored.

Once a head gasket is blown, it can cause many further damages to your vehicle’s engine such as decreased fuel efficiency, leakages of liquid, loss of water and overheated engine. And the longer you drive with a blown gasket, the more severe damage it causes to the engine. In worst case, if left untreated for a longer time, a complete engine replacement could be required.

Why Choose Us For Head Gasket Replacement?

At Express of Walton Ltd, we specialize in Head Gasket repair and replacement services. Bring your vehicle to our service station based in Walton, and let the best mechanics of the region repair your vehicles.  All the repair work is perform in-house at our car service station to ensure highest quality of work and best workmanship.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle can significantly reduce the risk of head gasket failure and save you many pounds. However, if your head gasket is blown already, you may contact our expert team replace it with a new head gasket quickly.

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