A Perfect Destination for Car Gear Box Repair in Walton

Express of Walton are specialists when it comes to car gear-box repair. As we are a comprehensive car care company, we are capable of overhauling all kind of car gear boxes and other aspects related to your vehicles. Our reputation over the years has been built on the basis of perfection in whatever work we conduct. Our customers are satisfied with our work and have proven this with their loyalty to come back to us for any issues related to their vehicles.

When you contact Express of Walton, one aspect that you can be sure of is minimal downtime and fast response. This will substantially pull down the cost incurred for your work. You can very easily say that this is the best avenue for all kind of gear-box repair in Walton on Thames.

Competitive Pricing

Express of Walton understands that gear box repairs can result in unwanted and unexpected costs to customers. This is why we always ensure that our pricing is kept competitive while we deliver quality of service and car parts. We very proudly and confidently encourage our clients to compare the pricing we have on offer with others.

High Quality

We are in a position of delivering highest quality of gear box maintenance and repair services via our standardized and structured repairing and maintenance procedures. The foremost step that we engage in is the establishment of the current condition that your car gear box is in. We check the clearances, bearing settings and contact patterns to come to a final conclusion. Every aspect is carefully kept on record before the car gear box is dismantled. Once we are through with your vehicle and gear box investigation, we suggest the best possible option to you and then engage in the overhaul of your gear box.

Deep Analysis

Express of Walton gives more importance to finding the primary cause related to your car gear box failure before conducting the repair work. This is done so that any unwanted and unplanned downtime for your machine is avoided in future. We conduct a thorough analysis of the car oil, measurements of vibrations and other such inspections to find the cause of failure. Our expert team of mechanics will then optimize the repair or maintenance of your vehicle gear box so as to significantly reduce the cost burden on you. With a three decade old tradition of auto industry, our team is capable of performing wide range of maintenance and repair work. Further, we also ensure that customization can be performed for providing operational excellence.

Updated Knowledge

With the rise in electronic use in current vehicles, it becomes vital that the company engaged in repair work is adept at handling the latest systems for diagnosing the faults correctly. As we have been in the business so long, you are in the safe hands when it comes to gear box repair and maintenance.

So feel free to visit us or call us on 01932 231704 and we guarantee that you will return feeling satisfied.