Free Brake Testing Centre in Walton on Thames

Needless to say how important is the braking system of your vehicle. You have no clue what may come next on your way and when you need to stop the vehicle immediately yet safely. And thus, it is very important to get your vehicle’s brakes checked at a regular interval by the expert mechanics.

We are a professional free brake testing centre in Walton. Our experienced mechanics examines the condition of all brakes inside your vehicle to ensure you safe drive always. Our main emphasize is to save our customers from big repair bills in the near future.

Our Comprehensive Brake System Inspection Service Includes Expert Examination of Following Parts:

  • Brake Discs, Pads and Shoes
  • Brake Pipes (Metal and Rubber)
  • Calipers/Wheel Cylinders
  • Handbrake Cable and Linkages
  • Brake Drums and Fluid
  • Brake Master Cylinder/Servo

The inspection of brake system involves the digital measurement of wear on brake pads, brake discs, shoes and drums with reference to the manufacturing specifications. Our team aims to provide you with expert advice needed to obtain the highest efficiency and perfect condition possible with the braking system of your vehicle.

And we stock a largest selection of brakes to suit all types of cars and other vehicles. So, when your brakes need to be replaced, we can get it done immediately for you.

Give us a call on 01932 231704 to schedule your free brake check today. We work to make your brake system work at its best.