What is Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning?

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device that helps lower the soot emissions of your diesel engine by 80%. The majority of modern diesel engines feature this device which removes  harmful particulates and soot in the vehicles’ exhaust gases. The DPF process, known as ‘regeneration’, burns the particulates and converts them into ash and the effectiveness of the process is monitored by the vehicle’s onboard computer.

Important Reasons For DPF Cleaning

If the diesel engine of your vehicle fails to perform a regeneration, you are likely to see a warning light on the dashboard. Failure to address this can eventually lead to exhaust blockage and can even pose a fire risk. Additionally, a blocked DPF in your exhaust system can also cause MOT failure.

Timely cleaning and service to your DPF can restore it to full efficiency and could save you thousands of pounds in parts replacement. In DPF cleaning, the vehicle’s existing filter is unblocked and cleaned. Advanced cleaning techniques can remove up to 98% of soot and ash.

The Process Of DPF Cleaning

DPF cleaning is the ideal alternative to the cost of replacing major parts of the engine. You simply need to look for a professional and reputable DPF cleaning service provider like us. Your vehicle’s DPF will be inspected before and after the process, providing you with a detailed report showing the amount of soot and ash removed.

The process typically takes three days to complete. We remove and clean the EGR valve and the air flap motor to stop them clogging the DPF too quickly. Once cleaned, if DPF doesn’t work at the required efficiency, we offer a professional DPF supply and replacement service.

Why Choose Us For DPF Cleaning

There are many factors that can affect DPF functioning. In addition to the warning light on the dashboard, you may notice a reduction in the performance of your diesel engine, which could be  sign of a blocked DPF. So if you are concerned that your DPF is blocked, visit us today.

With our specialised diagnostic system, we can carry out a forced regeneration in your vehicle’s  exhaust system. We ensure high-quality mechanical and chemical DPF cleaning that guarantees complete removal of soot and will restore the efficiency of the regeneration process in your vehicle.

DPF cleaning and maintenance is a much cheaper alternative than having to replace parts. At Express of Walton Ltd, we ensure that DPF is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. But our job doesn’t end there. We go the extra mile offering important tips and advice to save you from having to buy expensive parts, replacements or repairs.

Need professional help to inspect a DPF? Visit our car service station in Walton TODAY!