Car Welding Specialist in Walton, Surrey

No matter what part of the country you belong to, your vehicle must pass MOT test in order to be run legally on the UK roads. There are many checks performance during MOT test including corrosion test.

According to MOT regulations, corrosion in any of the prescribed area including seat belt mountings, steering mounting points, brake system mounting points, or on any other part of the car body needs to be repaired by a continuous metal active gas (MIG) welding.

In case of body sills, it is better to replace them instead of repairing it to ensure your vehicle passes MOT at first go. There are many stories when original sills were repaired a number of times, but with the passage of time the corrosion happens again.

However, on other areas of a car, metal welding repair is mostly sufficient to repair corrosion. And this is when our specialist Car welding service in Walton comes on the scene.

At Express of Walton, we houses specialist welders who are aware of all MOT welding standards and are capable of repairing all types of corrosion to your four-wheels.  Our engineers have many years of experience and skills to perform welding as per MOT standards. In fact, our team is capable to deal with any repairs needed to pass the MOT test.

 Just call us on 01932 231704 to avail our best in quality and affordable car welding service in Walton.