Role of A Timing Belt in Safe & Smooth Running of Your Car

Car Timing Belts, also known as Cam Belts, and Timing Chains are a part of the internal combustion engine. A timing belt control the timing sequence of the engine valves to ensure perfect fuel combustion timing and compression.

Why and When Timing Belts Need Replacement?

If a timing belt breaks, it causes severe damage in piston and valve of the engine. So, you need to rebuild engine with new valves and pistons, which may increase the repair bill dramatically.  And thus, it is strongly recommended to check timing belts and chains at a regular time interval.

Some other signs of timing belt failures are stripped teeth and a delamination of the fibre cores. There are some other factors such as a failure in gear, tensioner and bearing that may cause the belt to derail.

The hydraulic fluids and lubricants used in the car engine can degrade the manufacturing of timing belt, considerably reducing the lifespan of the belt, particularly if exposed to higher operating temperatures. Ideally, if your car has already finished 60,000 miles then it is high time to install a new timing belt kit.

You may take your car to our local car service station in Walton, so that our expert mechanic can inspect it and install a new kit if needed. At Express of Walton Ltd, we have timing belt kits for all makes and models of cars available at the best prices.

Install a New Car Timing Belt Kit

If you only replace the belt of the timing kit, you may need to visit the garage again due to a seized tensioner or bearing after some more miles. Thus, it is recommended to change all parts of the kit instead of replacing a belt only.

So, Visit our car service station today and let our expert mechanic install a new timing kit in your car. A Quality Timing Belt Replacement Kit typically contains:

  • Belts
  • Idlers
  • Tensioner pulleys
  • Tensioner Springs

Timing belt replacement is vital to the efficient running of your car’s engine. Failure in timing belt can result in severe engine damage, which will need a lot of money to get repaired.

Want to replace a timing belt or install a new timing kit? Give us a call on 01932 231704 today and book your appointment.