A Comprehensive Guide to Car Battery Replacement

When is the Right Time to Replace a Car Battery?

As there is no fixed time interval set for car battery replacement, determining the right time to do so depends on several factors such as the usage of battery, the quality of existing battery, the weather condition where the battery is being used, and the level of maintenance applied to the battery.

Signs of a Battery Failure

A tool called a voltmeter can be used to test your car battery’s performance. If the battery drips lower than 12 volts, it means the battery is performing far below average condition and thus it needs immediate replacement.

In addition to voltage dip, there is another potential sign of a battery replacement – a cracked outer case which later expose the electrolyte stored inside against the outer environment.

The moment you observe any of these signs, first take your battery to a nearby car service station and then start looking around for a replacement. Usually, it is more economical to get a new car battery instead of getting the old one repaired.

How Frequently Replace Car Battery?

According to expert car mechanics, if your car usage is normal, a car battery typically last for up to 4 years. However, if your car usage is above average, it may last for 2-3 years only. Also weather conditions in the UK have been reported to impact battery of vehicles considerably.  Batteries get freeze in severe cold weather. And as recently revealed and published by a consumer reports magazine, extra heat too impacts upon the functionality of a car battery.

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