Watch Out For These 6 Most Common Causes of Car Breakdown

Your car has hundreds of electrical and mechanical components. You will never know when one or other part will bring in problem. There can be numerous reasons for car breakdown but here we have shared some of the most commonly encountered causes of car breakdowns.

While there is no solution that can guarantee 100% protection from breakdowns, going through the following list of top 6 reasons of breakdown will surely help you lower the risk to a great extend.

Here Are The 6 Most Common Causes For A Car Breakdown

Dead Battery

About 20% of car breakdowns occur due to dead or low battery. Usually batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years, but this period can get smaller if you drive more often in extreme cold or hot weather. If you don’t want to get stuck on a highway with a sudden breakdown due to dead or faulty battery, make sure you get your car battery inspected by a mechanic at a local garage regularly, preferably during your scheduled services.

If your headlights seem deem and the power windows are functioning slower than earlier, these may be some alarming signs of dying battery. If you are not making long road trips very often, and make short distance trips with frequent stoppages instead, your battery can discharge over time. Charge your battery overnight at every 2 week or take it to a garage.

While at garage, ask the mechanic to check if the battery terminals aren’t loose or corroded. What’s more, you should switch off everything in your vehicle before you step out. This will help you avoid battery problems.

Missing Keys

Always have two extra set of car keys. Keep one set stored at your home and other at your office. You can always request a new set of keys from your authorized dealer. While going on a long distance road trip, it is a great idea to provide one of your co-passengers an additional set of keys. These preventive measures will help you avoid being locked out.

Flat Tyre

Incidents like running tyres over a sharp object, failure of the valve stem, collision with another vehicle or hitting a deep pothole are some of the most common reasons of a flat tyre. Worn out tyres are at higher risk of flat tyre (puncture). Even small blunt stones can cause a flat tyre when the tyres are already in poor condition. Get your tyres checked regularly at a local garage. Change tyres when they are no longer safe to drive. Keeping the tyres properly inflated is also equally important to your safety.  And always have a spare tyre in perfectly good condition.

Faulty Alternator

If your car is consistently witnessing battery issues, it could be a result of alternator faults. Visit a reliable auto repair shop nearby to get alternator inspected. The alternator recharges battery by utilizing energy produced by engine. If alternator fails, your battery won’t get charged, no matter how efficient it is.

Broken or Worn Out Spark Plug

Spark plug is an extremely important part of the ignition system of your vehicle. It ignites the air-fuel mix in the engine which will make pistons go up and down. But these plugs can worn out over time and thus make sure they are inspected and changed, if necessary, every time you take your car to the servicing.

Starter Motor Faults

When you turn the key in your car’s ignition, starter motor uses battery power to turn on the engine. The motor is very durable and usually last longer. But any fault in this motor will prevent your vehicle engine from starting. Ensure regular maintenance will help you avoid any issue related to starter motor.
Regular maintenance and good care will help you ensure that all parts of your vehicle are in perfect working condition, which will eventually help you avoid breakdowns too.

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