Top Five Tips to Keep Your Car Tyres in Good Condition

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A good quality tyre is the one that can ensure optimal control over steering, add good mileage, offer smooth drive and last longer, says an automobile expert based in London. The performance of your car also depends on the condition of its tyres. But tyres, like other parts and components of your car, are subjected to wear and tear and it can directly impact on the driving control, safety as well as driving comfort of your vehicle.

When you adapt to some basic car care and maintenance steps, you are most likely to add more service years to your car tyres. Besides, you can save a good amount of tyre repair and other car repairs caused by abnormally working tyres. Remember, your tyres are a very importance part of your vehicle. If any of your car tyres are in poor condition, chances are you may see yourself seeking urgent help on a roadside. In an unfortunate scenario, a tyre can burst out posing a serious threat to your on-road safety.

Following are Five Most Basic Tips to Keep your Tyres Up-to-Date. Read ON.

Make Sure your Car Tyres have Optimum Pressure

Car Tyres have Optimum Pressure

You are strongly recommended to take your car to a local auto shop for pressure check at least once in a month. Tyres with lower pressure level will demand more energy to drive a vehicle, meaning they will consume more fuel and cause more stress to the car engine.

On the other hand, over-inflated tyres is a potential safety threat; particularly when you are on a long road trip, air in the over-inflated tyre can heat up and spread out which can lead to tyre bursting.

It is extremely important to maintain optimum tyre pressure, as mentioned in your user manual of your vehicle; it will reduce the risk of poor steering control, prevent any early wear and tear and add to longevity of your tyres.

Replace Tyre Valves in Timely Manner

Replace Tyre Valves

Tyre valves are typically made of rubber material, and thus they are subjected to normal wear and tear over time. By forming an airtight seal with the tyre, valve and its cap help maintain the correct air pressure in the tyre.

When you drive your car at a high speed, a worn out or damaged valve can cause air loss into the tyre; it will also allow the outside dust particles get into the tyre reducing its service lifespan. Automobile experts recommend car owners for valve and valve cap replacement every time they buy new tyres.

Check Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment is crucial to ensure optimal control on tyres while on the road, prevent tyres from uneven wear and tear, and to reduce fuel consumption. To avoid faster and premature wear of tyres, get wheel alignment checked by a tyre specialist at your local garage.

Check Trades for Depth & Wear

Check Trades for Depth & Wear

Make sure you get tyre treads inspected by a tyre specialist at a regular interval and replace them immediately when you find them worn out. New car tyres are likely to have a tread depth of 8-9 mm but they wear over time eventually reducing the tread depth.

It’s illegal and unsafe to drive a car with a tyre whose tread depth is lower than 1.6mm; this can also cause you failure in the MOT test. Maintaining correct tread depth is vital to ensure good control, safety and mobility of your vehicle while on the road.

Rotate your Car Tyres


Auto experts recommend car owners to rotate tyres at every 5000 to 8000 kilometres. This will help treads wear in even manner eventually giving you longer lasting treads. Rear wheels wear at the slower rate compared to front wheels. Some tyre specialists also claim that left tyre wear more rapidly than the right tyre. Thus, it is important to get your tyres checked for wear by a tyre specialist and rotate them when asked.

Adhering to these basic tips will help you keep your car tyres in good condition for the longer time!

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  1. Jackie Oliver

    I had no idea that having good tires could do so much for your cars! I know that it’s safer to have good tread, but I didn’t know that they could make your car get better gas mileage. My tires are starting to look pretty rough, so I’ll be sure to get them changed as soon as possible. That way, I will have good control while steering, which will be very important when it starts to snow.


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