Top 6 Preventive Maintenance Your Car Needs

Car Maintenance

Meet any car owner who has spent a real large sum on their car repair and they are most likely to advise you of adapting to preventive car maintenance. Car maintenance, when done regularly and properly, can contribute to lower repair bills and happy faces of course. But not many car owners are aware of preventive vehicle maintenance such as what to do and when. That’s what I am going to share and discuss in this post.

Always change oil, check tyre pressure and take your car for servicing at a regular time interval. This approach will help you keep your car in up-to-date condition year-round. Besides, if there is any problem growing in the vehicle system, the regular inspection will help you catch it well before it turns into the major problem. Needless to say that identifying car faults in its early stage can save you many pounds.

Have You Read Your Car’s User Manual?

Well, if you never checked your vehicle’s user manual before, do it now. There you will find manufacturer’s guideline on regular maintenance in detail. Make sure you don’t fall for myths or wrong advice. Your car’s owner manual will tell you what the exact time-period to change engine oil and replace filters is. The manual will give you insight on parts that needs timely inspection and replacement.

6 Most Basic Preventive Maintenance Your Car Needs

Giving a little attention to these 6 preventive car care procedures or tips can save you a good amount on car repairs. Continue reading.

  • Run a DIY Check On Your Vehicle:
    There are several things like lights, indicators, tyre pressure, and AC performance that can be checked on own at least once a week. Keeping your tyre pressure appropriate will help you earn good mileage and safe drive always. Keep your ear out to hear any unusual sound inside or outside of the vehicle. See if there are visual signs of wear and tear on tyre treads. This DIY inspection will help you catch any problem your car may have so you can get it fixed in cost-effective manner.
  • Learn Checking Fluids:
    You don’t need to learn how to re-fill your coolant, wiper fluid or antifreeze. But it is recommended that you learn to check the level of various fluids on your car’s system. If you aren’t much of a DIY enthusiast, you can take your car to a local garage wherein an expert mechanic can conduct these fluid checks. If you find that you’re running low on any fluid, you can quickly re-fill it. Besides, fluid checks will also help you identify leakage if any.
  • Replace Belts When There Is a Need To:
    Check your car’s owner manual to learn when you should replace timing and serpentine belts. But if you have lost your owner manual, you can also check the web for expert advice or can visit your nearby auto-shop to seek expert’s words for your particular car model. If belts are in good condition, there is absolutely no need to replace them. But if they are worn out, they can cause damage to other accessories and thus it is wise to replace damaged belts at earliest.
  • Change Oil On Time:
    If you don’t know how to DIY check oil, check online videos. Besides, if you find that oil looks muddy, chances are something has went wrong with your car engine. You will find in your owner’s manual what should be idle time to change engine oil. You need not to blindly follow 3000 mile oil change rule; mileage number can change dramatically based on how your vehicle calls for oil.
  • Check Car Battery & It’s Contacts:
    Unlike other parts of your vehicle, battery won’t demand frequent attention. However, you ought to know where you car battery is located so you can check if there is no leaking, build-up or damage to its contacts.
  • Change Wipers When View Is Compromised:
    Well, it’s not wise to wait for wiper replacement until you can barely see through the glass. Clear sight is quite important to safe driving. Clean your windshield properly at least once a week.

These are several DIY jobs you can do as a part of your car’s preventive maintenance. Do you have something to add? Please comment.

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