Things to Consider While Servicing or After Servicing Your Car


You must have heard the saying, “Knowledge is power”. When it comes to servicing your car, you should have the proper knowledge about what needs servicing and how to know that your car has been repaired appropriately. The knowledge about these things gives you the power to save your expenses and ensure the best for your vehicle when you take it for servicing.

Keep the following things in mind before you drop your car at the service centre.

  • Make a List:
    Making a list is the best way to remember what components need replacing and repairing. It is also helpful when you have to explain the problems to the mechanic.
  • The Mechanic:
    Ask for the mechanic’s name and take it down too. That way if you run into problems later you know whom to contact.
  • Clear the Car of Personal Items:
    Make sure that you have not left anything that belongs to you in the car. Check the glove box and the boot space to see if there are any personal items that you must clear before leaving your car. The market is competitive and you can expect the service station to take good care of your car. However, you should remember the points mentioned below to ensure your own satisfaction.
  • Compare with the List:
    Remember the list you had made? Store it carefully as it would come handy after you receive your car after the servicing. Compare the list with the present condition of the car and its components. This would give you a fair idea about the repairs and replacements that the service station carried out.
  • Check the Oil Filter:
    The oil filter should be clean and as good as new. If it has been replaced then you should ask for the old oil filter.
  • Check the Air Filter:
    Another thing that you should be careful about is checking the air filter box. If you have got your car serviced after a year or so, the air filter needs to get replaced. It should not look grey and dusty. Earlier, the lazy mechanic would just skip this part or clean it half-heartedly by just clearing the dust on the exterior. The air filter should be clean of the dust deep inside it as that is what prevents proper airflow.
  • Check the Engine Oil:
    Dip the dipstick into the oil and see what colour it is. The oil should not be black in colour but can be a deep ember colour as it could have been topped on the oil already in the engine.
  • Test Drive:
    A good service station would allow you to take your car for attest drive before collecting it from them. This drive is important for you to get the feel of the car which should be different from the way it felt before it got serviced.

Keeping these things in mind while servicing or after servicing your car has its rewards. The professional service that you can get at Express of Walton Ltd. has no match. This car service station takes care of all your needs and you can even book an appointment online with them at

4 Commnets on “Things to Consider While Servicing or After Servicing Your Car

  1. Alisa ewert

    Very nice steps to keep your car active and looks always matter, Even people judge you by your car conditions.

  2. Nick Martin

    The author has provided every nice piece of info regarding steps to be taken while taking your car for servicing,and after servicing of your car. It was very beneficial for me in order to cross check the works done in my car after its first servicing. I was more satisfied by the working environment of the certified as the technician enquired about the problems of my car ,rectified them and also suggested me some do’s & dont’s to follow for my car.


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