Are You Ready For Pre-Winter Check UP?

pre winter checkups

Winter season has already started in the UK and probably you are thinking of preparing your car for the colder days so as to ensure safe and smooth drive throughout the season. Remember, it’s not just heavy snowfall and icy roads that can bring challenges for driving, but even lower temperature can invite its own kind of problems with car driving.

The arrival of winter season makes driving a bit more difficult compared to driving conditions in sunny days. And, it totally makes sense to begin thinking of safe winter driving right now before the temperature drops further. So, are you ready for making your car winter ready? Want to learn about pre-winter checkups? Just continue reading then.

Pre-Winter Checkups for Your Vehicle

pre winter checkup

Our car experts strongly recommend performing several checks in the early winter months to ensure safe and pleasant ride in colder days. Make your winter driving as smooth as possible. Begin your car’s DIY inspection project by checking lights, wiper blades and seat belts. Next, you need to check if your car’s battery is working fine.

It is also essential to check engine oil, washer fluid and coolant level in your vehicle. In winter, you will need to use wipers quite often so it is vital to top-up the washer fluid. If you are planning for a long road trip in winter days, keep your fuel tank full always.

A professional car repair and service shop like us can help you perform all these checks and help you ensure that your car is in the best condition to withstand any harsh weather conditions as well as road conditions this winter.

Fitting Winter Tyres

winter tyre

Like other parts of your vehicle, it is equally important to check if the tyres are in perfect shape. Low pressure or over inflated tyres both can put you in trouble mid-way. It is important to ensure all tyres have right pressure. At the same time, it is crucial to consider if your tyres are capable to ensure smooth and same drive on icy or wet roads.

If your tyres are very old or worn out, they won’t be able to ensure required grip while driving on wet roads. It is vital to check the tread depth of the tyres. There should not be any major bulge or split on to the tyres. Replacing your all-season tyres with winter tyres will add to your comfort and safety while on the road.

It is worth noting here that winter tyres aren’t required for driving on snowy roads alone. But it makes sense buying them for driving on wet roads in lower temperature days. Winter tyres are manufactured to ensure enhanced grip, balance and control while driving in colder days. They will help improve driving performance and reduce braking time.

Want to begin preparing for the colder days from today? Book your appointment with us today. We are just a call away!

Happy Winter!

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