A Quick Guide to Make Your Car Spring-Ready

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Aha, winter has officially ended, and it’s time to plan some exciting spring road trips. No matter where you are heading to this spring, but we have got you some great tips to bring your car in perfect shape before you hit the road. Without further ado, let’s check our 5 tips on how to prepare your ride for all your spring travel plans.

Clean Your Vehicle From Inside Out

The simplest and one of the most important things to remember is you must keep your car clean. Your vehicle may have got some salt and sand on its body, as this mixture is used to remove ice from roads during winter season. If not removed, this mixture can corrode metal body of your vehicle.

Take your car to a nearby auto-shop for thorough washing and get rid of dirt, grime and other road salt. The mechanics at an auto shop perform vacuuming and shampooing to extract gunk from each hard-to-access places of your vehicle and make your car look as good as new.

Get Your Tyres In Tip Top Shape

Early spring is a right time to inspect your car tyres if they are in good condition. If your vehicle has winter tyres, it’s time to replace them with your summer tyres or all-season tyres. Check the tread depth and rubber quality of all tyres, including the spare one. If your tyres are worn out, replace them before you hit the road. And, don’t forget to check air pressure in all tyres. It is also a good time to get your tyres rotated and balanced to ensure even wear and maximum life-expectancy. This preventive care will help you avoid tyre related troubles down the road.

Find Out If Oil Change Is Needed

Compared to old car models, the modern car designs perform so well that you don’t have to change oil so repetitively. But the vehicle does require oil change. And the beginning of new season is a right time to get your engine oil checked. Besides, the oil is more likely to collect damaged compounds more speedily in colder months due to high humidity in the air and lower temperature. Or follow your vehicle manufacturer guidelines for oil change interval.

Clean Your Windscreen

When you are road tripping in spring, be prepared to experience sun glare while driving. Now if your windscreen doesn’t ensure clear vision, you can certainly have unpleasant driving experience. Remove the dirt from the windscreen and check if it doesn’t have scratches or any kind of damage. Inspect the blades in your windscreen wipers and change them if required to prevent them damaging your windscreen. Don’t forget to clean the side windows and mirrors.

Check All Fluids

First of all, check the antifreeze (also known as coolant) level in the cooling system of your vehicle. Top up or change the fluid as required. Next, check the other fluids in your vehicle including power steering, transmission, brake and windshield washer fluid if you have to top up any of them. Let an expert mechanic check the quality and level of all fluids in your car.

On top of these, you should consider checking the battery, suspension and headlights of your car to ensure safe and pleasant rides always. Make sure your vehicle has an updated emergency kit stored in it.

Happy spring!

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