List of Parts That Are Addressed During Interim Car Service

February 27, 2018
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Interim Car Service

Satisfying the maintenance requirements of your vehicle at regular intervals is utterly important to figure out the necessary problems with it and to enhance its efficiency. If you want to enhance the life of your vehicle you need to give it necessary attention in the form of full and interim car service. In fact, you can also carry out some of the maintenance jobs on your own, all you need to do is have that much-needed enthusiasm. You do not have toRead More…

Here Are The Top 6 Causes of MOT Failure

January 24, 2018
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Introduced back in 1960, an MOT test is extremely important for avoiding potential car crashes and for strengthening the safety of the drivers. It is an annual test, that is mandatory for every vehicle that has been hitting roads for over three years. Considering the fact that under-performing and unroadworthy cars can lead to horrific accidents, it’s important that you maintain your vehicle in proper working condition. If your vehicle fails an MOT test it clearly means you can’t drive it onRead More…

8 Things to Check Before Planning A Road Trip This Christmas

December 22, 2017
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Road trip

As Christmas is just a few days away, it’s the perfect time to plan something really interesting for your loved ones. Planning an exciting road trip to explore a beautiful destination is perhaps the best thing that one can think of when it comes to spending some quality time with their loved ones. Considering the fact that Christmas is all about spending memorable moments with your family and friends, a road trip can actually give you a perfect opportunity to strengthen yourRead More…

6 Tried & Tested Tips To Make Your Car More Efficient in Winter

November 27, 2017
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As the winter season is all about icy roads, freezing temperatures, cold winds, and short days, it’s always better to prepare your vehicle well-in-advance to tackle such situations. If you do not give much attention to the condition of your vehicle, there are huge chances of you getting into trouble during freezing cold winters. As temperatures start falling, the condition of the roads also start deteriorating, which can pose a great threat to your vehicle, provided the fact that you haven’t preparedRead More…

Here’s How to Prepare Your Vehicle for An MOT Test

October 14, 2017
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Mot test

If you want to enjoy flawless driving in your car in the UK, it’s very important for you to take your vehicle for an MOT test as per government regulations. The term MOT which stands for Ministry of Transport is nothing but an annual test that is carried out to examine the condition of your vehicle in terms of whether it’s in proper working condition or not. Various parts of your vehicle are checked for their safety and roadworthiness so that youRead More…

Things to Consider While Servicing or After Servicing Your Car


You must have heard the saying, “Knowledge is power”. When it comes to servicing your car, you should have the proper knowledge about what needs servicing and how to know that your car has been repaired appropriately. The knowledge about these things gives you the power to save your expenses and ensure the best for your vehicle when you take it for servicing. Keep the following things in mind before you drop your car at the service centre. Make a List: MakingRead More…

Tips from the Experts for Car Self-Care to Maintain It in Top-notch Condition

August 31, 2017
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Car Self-Care

Maintaining your car must be a top priority, if you want to drive it for years to come. It is not always possible to take it to a service station, if one is not nearby. Here are some handy maintenance tips that can make things easier for you. Keep the manual in hand and get to work. Tyres and Wheels Tyre Rotation: No, this does not mean you have to spin the tyres. This means that you have to exchange the position of your tyres everyRead More…

Watch Out For These 6 Most Common Causes of Car Breakdown

Your car has hundreds of electrical and mechanical components. You will never know when one or other part will bring in problem. There can be numerous reasons for car breakdown but here we have shared some of the most commonly encountered causes of car breakdowns. While there is no solution that can guarantee 100% protection from breakdowns, going through the following list of top 6 reasons of breakdown will surely help you lower the risk to a great extend. Here Are TheRead More…

5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Top Up Your Air Con System Now

June 28, 2017
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It’s just the beginning of the summer and the temperatures are increasing at a fast pace. It’s time to bring out your shades, put on shorts and enjoy outdoor parties or picnics with closed ones. The season is all about fun, frolic and fiesta. It’s a perfect time of the year for those much-awaited road trips and long drives. However, driving in hot days can turn out to a worst nightmare if your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t working properly or not workingRead More…

8 Safety Features In Your Car you Must Know About

May 31, 2017
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Safety Features In Your Car

No matter if you are buying a budget car or a luxury one, a new or used, safety is paramount. Car manufacturers from across the world are consistently bringing new features and technologies that can add to your safety while driving. Although you may not be able to afford the latest and revolutionary safety features, there are some basic safety features you must know about. A large number of road accidents could be prevented had car owners known about these important safetyRead More…