Know Your Legal Rights For Vehicle Repair & Servicing – Part II

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According to the ‘Sale & supply of goods – your consumer rights’, any vehicle repair or servicing bill from £100 to £30,000 paid by credit card to any garage or service centre is protected by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. However, this Act doesn’t cover the payments made through debit cards. Meaning, if you use your debit card to pay for your vehicle service or repair, you will not be eligible for reclaiming the payment from the service provider’s bank.

Yet, if you can submit evidence showing a breach of contract by the service provider or prove the poor quality workmanship, you can request your card provider to chargeback or learn about the relevant policy of your card provider for the same. Any unethical trade practice followed by any garage or vehicle service and repair centre is strictly prohibited as per the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

No garage can charge you for work not actually performed on your vehicle. They can’t fit any new or replace any old part without your, meaning customer’s approval. If any garage owner fits duplicate brand part while you agreed for the authenticate auto parts and yet charge you the cost of original parts, you have a legal right to report their unfair trade practices to the Citizens Advice consumer service; their helpline on is 03454 040506 or visit Visit the Citizens Advice website.

If any auto repair and servicing centre has make you signed contract by either misleading you or using an aggressive trade practice, you are permitted to get the contract modified or cancelled as per the consumer protection act 2008.

There are stories of many vehicle owners who have misleadingly paid additional charges for paying their auto repair centre with a credit card or a debit card. However, such practice is legally prohibited as per the Consumer Rights Regulations 2012. And you can seek refund of the excess payment from the service provider.

How Can You Identify A Reputable Auto Service Provider?

Following are several tips to help you learn if the auto repair shop you have chosen is reliable or not.

  • You can find out the any of your friends, neighbours or peers have visited the repair centre before and if they were ensured good quality service. Or it is also a good idea to see if they can suggest you a reliable garage.
  • Confirm if the auto shop is licensed and see if they are a member of authenticate trade groups like Retail Motor Industry Federation.
  • The garage should clearly convey repair and servicing prices and other information so you can take an informed decision.
  • A reliable auto centre will take your contact number so they can call you in case any part needs to be replaced or if extra fee incurs than the one you were given as an estimate. They don’t perform any additional work without client’s permission.
  • The service provider should give you written price estimate or quote. You can also update them up to what cost they can do repair work on your vehicle without calling you.
  • Once repair or service work is completed, the service provider should provide you written invoice that clearly explain the incurred cost for part and labor fees.
  • In case a dispute occurs between you and the service provider, they should guide you to relevant dispute resolution authority of the trade or other alternative schemes.
  • When the car service provider replaces the old parts with new ones, you can ask them to return those old parts. You can clear this thing before the garage begins their work.
  • You can confirm if the vehicle repair centre providers warranty or guarantee on parts and service.
  • The service and repair centre need to inform you on estimated time they will take to finish the job.
  • When you take your vehicle to a repair centre for fault inspection, they need to explain you the procedure and the cost associated with it, if any, priorly.

Now the next time you take your four-wheel to garage, keep in mind these legal rights and avoid getting ripped off. They will also help you choose right service provider.

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