7 Sign That Indicates that Your Car Need Suspension Repair

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It’s certainly true that ensuring timely servicing and good maintenance to your car have a plenty of benefits. A well-maintained car ensures your safety while driving. It also ensures minimal repair expense, good resale value and comfort ride always.

However, there are hundreds of different parts and components in your car that you need to keep eye upon to ensure if they are all in up-to-date condition. And at times, you may struggle to understand what exactly needs to be identified and how. Suspension is one of those many parts of your car that you need to watch over as a part of your routine maintenance checks.

In this post, we have shared some warning signs that indicate your vehicle’s suspension has got problems and needs repair at earliest. But before you read these signs, let’s take a quick understanding at the role of suspension system in your vehicle.

Role of Suspension System

Simply put, suspension system connects your vehicle body with the wheels. It is the suspension system of your car that causes up and down movements in your vehicle when your vehicle passes through the uneven road surface. The suspension system controls the bouncing movement of your vehicle to ensure you comfortable drive.

If you drive more frequently in high traffic areas, where you need to apply short breaks repetitively or if you often drive your vehicle on bumpy or uneven road, all these will ultimately impact on the functioning of your suspension system.

If you are using your car in road conditions that test the suspension system really hard, your car suspension can witness early wear. However, regardless of your driving habits or usage of your car, the suspension system is set to wear out eventually.

Though rare, some harsh conditions can cause breakdown of your suspension. This is why it is even more important to watch out for the early tell-tale signs and prevent breakdown of your car suspension.

Here are the 7 most easy-to-identify signs that tell your car suspension need professional repair service.

Car Drifts To One Side While Driving Straight

If your car automatically pulls to one side when you are driving it straight, it indicates that your suspension and steering parts may have worn out, loosen or damaged. Or there can be other reasons such as misaligned wheels and different tread wear level on tyres. Such issues can be fixed by replacing parts. You just need to take your car to a local garage and get your tyres as well as suspension system inspected by a qualified mechanic.

You Are Experiencing Long Bouncy Rides After Hitting A Bump

When your car hits a pothole or bump, you will certainly feel little bouncy but a proper functioning suspension will stabilize vehicle and ensure smooth ride immediately then after. But if you find that your car continues to bounce and make you feel like the vehicle is rolling, it is very likely that your vehicle has trouble with leaf spring.

Your Vehicle Is Giving Rough Rides

If you have been recently noticing that your car drives roughly on normal road surface, it is high time to get your suspension system checked by an experienced mechanic at your nearby auto repair shop.

Car Pulls On Sides While Taking Turns

If you are witnessing that your vehicle pulls or drifts to the sides when you try take turns on the road, it is a warning sign that your suspension system is no longer efficiently working. Delaying the repair can increase the risk of roll over or accidents. It is wise to get the suspension repair done before you take your vehicle out on the road again.

Car Nose Dives When Applying Brakes

If your car nose dives or dips during hard braking, it is a sign of poorly functioning suspension. Inefficient suspension can increase stopping time of your vehicle by up to 20%.  In such case, you will not be able to make emergency brakes.

Car Shocks Are Greasy

Inspect your car shocks to confirm if they are not oily. If you find them greasy during inspection, it is a sign of fluid leakage. In such case, take your vehicle to a reliable garage and get the issue resolved.

Car’s One Corner Is Lower Than Other Corners

If you see that your car’s one corner is sitting at lower level than remaining corners, check your tyres first. If all tyres look properly inflated, the problem might be in suspension system.
If you are noticing any of these signs in your vehicle in recent times, get your vehicle inspected by our qualified mechanics at the earliest. Leaving suspension problems unresolved can pose high safety risks for you and your passengers.

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  1. Alexandria Martinez

    Just recently, I started noticing a few things wrong with my car that are making me wonder if I need an auto suspension repair. The shocks have been a little more greasy than normal. Now that I know this is a bad sign, I will be sure to take it to a service soon.


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