7 Most Common Reasons For Car Breakdown

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What could be worse for your summer road trip than having your car breakdown? In this article we have listed 7 of the most common reasons a car might breakdown. Although there is a lot that may go wrong, taking some preventive measures and following some tips can help you avoid breakdowns.

Here are Some of the Reasons You May Breakdown:

Engine Overheating

car overheatingOverheating  of  your car’s engine may be due to a fault in the car’s cooling system, or that the level of cooling fluid is too low. An efficient cooling system is important for your car’s performance and to prevent the engine overheating, especially in warmer weather.

To prevent the engine overheating, ensure you regularly check the various fluids in your car,  including coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, transmission fluid and engine oil. You should not to wait until you see a warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard or discover there is a problem when you are driving on a motorway. If a problem should occur or a warning light appear on the dashboard display, stop the car when possible, making sure you turn off the air conditioning or heater, and seek the assistance of a mechanic.

A Dead or Drained Battery

Here are some reasons for battery failure.

  • Poor quality cells in a battery prevents it from charging properly and may lead to failure
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • The age of the battery or, in some cases, a harsh winter may also result in battery failure
  • Leaving on the radio, lights or any other accessory in your car
  • A problem with the alternator will prevent your battery from charging. In such case, you will need to get your alternator checked and replaced if required

dead_car_batteryShort trips incur loss of charge in batteries, so experts recommend taking your car for a longer trip once a week. However if you are short of time, you could charge the battery overnight. Remember to keep an eye for corroded terminals or loose connections to your car’s battery. While a faulty battery is one of the most common reasons of car breakdowns, getting your car’s battery checked at a regular intervals helps to reduce the risk of breakdowns.

A Flat Tyre

flat_tyresA flat tyre is one of the most common reasons for vehicle breakdowns. It could be wear and tear or damage from another cause, eg, a nail or hitting the curb, that causes a flat tyre. Get your tyres checked regularly. Use season special tyres to ensure a safe drive and maximum returns on tyres’ investment.

Lost or Faulty Keys


Of course a lost key is not strictly a “breakdown”  but if you leave your keys inside your car or misplace them, it requires an emergency call out for assistance. In some cases, car owners require technical assistance when their remote key fob doesn’t work. It is recommended to carry a spare key fob battery with you while on the road.

Clutch Issues

car_clutchThere are two common clutch problems which may occur  – a snapped cable or a worn out clutch plate. Both need to be replaced when found to be damaged or faulty. It is wise to use the handbrake instead of “riding”  the clutch while stopped on a hill. This will save the clutch from excessive wear and tear.

Faulty Spark Plugs

You can easily avoid this issue if you are committed to regular car maintenance and servicing. However, these plugs do wear out over time, so it is vital to replace them at a timely interval. Faulty HT leads and spark plugs can adversly affect the performance of your car’s engine.

Wrong Fuel or No Fuel?

empty fuel tank

If you have filled  your tank with the wrong fuel you will require emergency assistance. Your vehicle should be taken to a garage so the fuel tank can be drained out. If you run out of fuel while driving, you will need some assistance in obtaining fuel so you can continue your journey. Always check your fuel gauge before starting your journey.

In addition to the above, there can be many other reasons for a car to breakdown. Visit our car service station in Walton on Thames TODAY!

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