5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Top Up Your Air Con System Now


It’s just the beginning of the summer and the temperatures are increasing at a fast pace. It’s time to bring out your shades, put on shorts and enjoy outdoor parties or picnics with closed ones. The season is all about fun, frolic and fiesta. It’s a perfect time of the year for those much-awaited road trips and long drives.

However, driving in hot days can turn out to a worst nightmare if your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t working properly or not working at all. Summer is getting hotter every year. If you want to ensure your drives are comfortable and pleasant, it’s time to get your coolant level checked and get it refilled, if needed.

The following are 5 primary reasons why it’s best time to refill your air con system now. Keep reading.

It Is Not Covered In Your Service And MOT

If you are thinking that you have recently taken your car for servicing or MOT test and they may have already recharged air con, it isn’t true. Air con inspection and top-up aren’t a part of MOT procedure or car servicing. However, you can ask your car service center to include air con refilling during annual service of your vehicle.

It lasts Only Up To 2 Years

It is essential that your vehicle’s air conditioning system has sufficient amount of refrigerator, also called ‘coolant’ or simply ‘gas’, in order to continue working efficiently. According to studies, the air conditioning system looses about 10% refrigerant every year. After two years or more, you will realize the noticeable difference in the cooling time and level inside your car. This is why car repair specialists recommend motorists to refill air con with gas and lubricant after every 2 year timeframe.

Low Level Of Coolant Can Negatively Impact Fuel Economy Of Your Vehicle

When coolant level is low, your air conditioning system will undergo more strain to generate cold air. This in turn increases load on engine and as a result it will consume more fuel. And did I say your air conditioning unit will blow warm air instead of cold air? Recharging air con seems like a more cost-effective choice than allowing fuel bills to go high.

It Serves Purpose For 365 Days A Year

Many car owners think that air conditioning unit serves purpose only during hot summer days. But not many motorists know that air con is useful throughout the year. For example, when it’s too cold outside and your car’s windscreen is covered with mist, you can use air con to blow dry and warm air which will help you defog windscreen. This way you can have clear vision while driving. Besides, running air con once in a while during cold season ensure that the coolant doesn’t dry out and the system runs efficiently in scorching hot days, when it is needed the most.

You Get The Comfort Of A Perfectly Cooled Cabin Exactly When You Need It

If you haven’t turned on your car’s air conditioning for a single time during winter months, you may find your air con isn’t working when you try to switch it on for the first time on a real hot summer day. The great news is that, the temperatures are still moderate and you can fix any problem your air con may have before the sun starts emitting heat waves.

So, what are you waiting for? Recharge your air con now and enjoy pleasant drives this summer season! At Mot Walton on Thames, we provide our customers with a comprehensive air con recharge service. Give us a call or book your appointment online today!

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